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Welcome to the CHIP 2020 Steering Committee Portal!

Wednesday morning, April 1: 7:30am

Good morning, everyone. Today we resume our Committee deliberations related to the development of the 2020 Community Health Improvement Plan. And we are doing so using a Portal and in keeping with the precaution of social distancing. It remains to be seen how long we will employ the Portal for our efforts on the CHIP 2020. You are familiar with the dire circumstances we are in with the coronavirus pandemic. As of yesterday, as I understand it, we can expect a low estimate of 85,000 pandemic deaths in this country by the end of August and that horrific number is if we fully employ the social distancing and stay-at-home precautions throughout the country, which, unfortunately, at least at this time, we are not. In light of what may yet lie ahead with respect to the pandemic, it may well be the case that, once we have completed out task of defining and designing the Housing Area for the CHIP 2020, we will pause in our deliberations until the fall when, possibly, we can meet with the community partners for the review of the current 5 Areas of the CHIP. For the time being, even in the midst of what is around us, let us move forward with our work on behalf of the community of Bexar County.

Our task over the next three months through the end of June is the definition and design of the Housing Area of CHIP 2020. To avoid repetition here, please refer to my email to the Committee yesterday having to do with how we will do our work within Phase 3 of the RBA and my suggestion how to employ our time over the next three months. And, as we move forward we will keep the voice of the community in our minds as we do our work.

Get familiar with the Portal organization and content. You will find under the Committee Members tab the list of us, our affiliations and our emails. Under the References tab you will find a list of extensions appropriate for posting substantive documents to the Portal, directly by each you, as you see the need to do so. There is the instruction accompanying that posting that you provide a not more than 5 sentence rationale for the posting in the General Discussion section of the RBA Forums tab. This will give us a heads up for what to expect as begin the reading of the posted document. For example, I have posted a document pertaining to the Housing Pathway of the Hub in Bernalillo County, New Mexico with a rationale posted in the General Discussion. The General Discussion is for the rationales and for any matter for Discussion that is not directly related to the 13 segments of Phase 3.

Phase 3 Development of the RBA Forums is where we will do our work. Here we will discuss and make our decisions about definition and design and planning for the Housing Area. One Note though: Please do not post a Discussion or Question in the two boxes at the bottom of the main RBA Forums page. They are 'hot' and will be used later. Reserve your Discussion and Question posting for the General Discussion and for the 13 segments of Phase 3.

I want to thank Jordan McIlveen for the Portal design. Many of you met Jordan last year during the development of CHNA 2019. She is the Data Analyst for The Health Collaborative. If there is a technical issue related to the Portal, please post it in General Discussion and she and I will retrieve it and make the fix.

I will be on the Chair's Blog every Friday to post a weekly brief summary of our week's work. Of course, I'll be in the Discussions in the RBA Forums as well.

OK. That's it for now. I am ready to get on with it and I know you are too. Our primary focus for May will be the first 3 segments of Phase 3: Why is this important, Accountability Type and Results statement.

See you on the Portal!


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