In keeping with our mission to improve the health status of our community through collaborative means, it is our pleasure to present the 2019 Bexar County Community Health Needs Assessment.  

As we move towards a Regional Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), we are proud to announce that the 2019 CHNA includes Atascosa County. It is our goal to add a county or two each time we do a CHNA until we have included all seven contiguous counties to Bexar in our assessment. Bexar County and the surrounding counties are rapidly becoming socially and economically integrated into a regional metropolitan unit. We strongly feel, therefore, that the move towards a Regional CHNA will strengthen our efforts to fulfill our mission of improving community health through collaborative means.


You will notice that the community voice has been integrated into the narrative of the Report. This strengthens and validates the 2019 CHNA by providing on going community commentary and reinforces the idea that we are more than just collective data points on a page but rather individuals that experience health outcomes in our daily lives. 


The Report reveals numerous health disparities along a number of dimensions, e.g. age, race and ethnicity, education. We invite you to take a pro-active approach by examining the disparities through an equity lens. We believe this pro-active approach will enable all of us as community partners to come to consensus on what must be done to improve the health of our community. A guiding principle for the pro-active approach through an equity lens is to remember that equity and disparity are related: in communities where resources are not equitably distributed, health disparities tend to predominate.

The 2019 CHNA provides a series of maps on a variety of health-related themes that demonstrate the geography of health disparity in our community. The report also includes a number of guides in the form of tables, bar and line graphs that show relationships and trends in the data. As an illustration of how to explore the implications of the report’s data relationships and trends, see the section in the conclusion “How do those issues relate to one another”. 

We wish to thank our Board of Directors, Steering committee, our Executive Director, and CI:Now for their leadership and guidance in the development of this report. We also wish to thank our sponsors whose support is greatly appreciated. We especially thank you, the greater community, for making this report possible.


We hope that together we can make a difference in the communities we serve. Until the next CHNA, it is our greatest desire that you remain a committed stakeholder and community collaborator with us.



Dear Community Members:


  • What Makes Us Healthy?

  • People & Place

  • Environment & Living Conditions

  • Health-Related Behaviors and Early Outcomes

  • Health & Well-Being

  • Implications for Action


Ms. Pilar Oates
Health Collaborative
Board Chair


Stephen K. Blanchard PhD
Health Collaborative
Data Committee Chair

Health Collaborative: Executive Board of Directors

Ms. Pilar Oates, MA, Board Chair
Theresa De La Haya RN, Vice Chair
Dr. Edward Dick, Secretary/Treasurer
Stephen K. Blanchard, PhD, Data Committee Chair
Elizabeth Lutz, MBA, Executive Director